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Top 5 Tourist Hot Spots

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Your Orlando bucket list is looking pretty full, but before you shut down the app or fold up the paper and put it away in your suitcase, you should probably double-check that you have the hottest tourist attractions Orlando has itemized on that list! It can be easy to skip something, you are so excited about your upcoming Florida vacation, and you just want to be on your way to getting around Orlando already. We understand completely, and to make it a little easier for you, our staff at Tropical Villas Orlando has compiled our own list—a guide to the top five tourist hot spots to ensure that you do not miss out on one of the biggies!

Orlando Science Center, 777 E Princeton Street

Making science cool again has been a goal of all science centers across the US, and we think the Orlando Science Center has definitely accomplished their goal! Featuring hands-on exhibits for children ranging from infant to 92, your number one goal when walking in is to have fun; if you happen to learn something along the way, all the better! Meet the fish and reptiles in their Nature Works exhibits, learn about the dinosaurs as you examine dinosaur fossils and replica skeletons, or watch a laser performance in their Cine Dome! The Science Center is a perfect complement to long days spent at the theme parks, allowing parents to enjoy a little downtime while keeping the kiddos happily entertained.

Universal CityWalk, Orlando

As you might expect, most of the hottest Orlando tourist spots are going to revolve around theme parks, but there are some places in town that aren’t all about the rides, and Universal City Walk is one of those places. Spend some time singing karaoke with a live backup band in the evenings (Tuesday through Sunday) or listen to music performed by others at Hard Rock Live! When hunger pangs strike you can enjoy margaritas at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, shrimp at Bubba Gump’s, and when it is time for dessert, something chocolatey from the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen is guaranteed to hit the spot. Also offering great shops to exercise your credit cards in, Drive-In Hollywood Golf, and complimentary water taxis to take you to your favorite entertainment district, Universal CityWalk is a one-stop entertainment bonanza!

Universal Studios, 6000 Universal Boulevard

Of course, we can’t stay away from the theme parks for long, and Universal Orlando Resort has long been a favored attraction, drawing in tourists by the hundreds of thousands for almost as long as we can remember! Here is where you can hang out with Harry and Hermione at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, explore the world of Minions, or fight off aliens alongside your favorite men in black at Universal Studios and so much more. Devour tacos from the Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck, buy your niece something special from the Hello Kitty store, or if you are visiting during the winter holidays, get up close and personal with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade floats and balloons! Every minute spent at Universal Studios is guaranteed to be another 60 seconds filled with more fun than you normally enjoy in a day.

SeaWorld Orlando, 7007 SeaWorld Drive

SeaWorld has been one of Orlando’s favorite attractions for over 50 years, and during that time they have learned some things, leading to some very big changes that affect the way the park runs. Turning their attention towards conservation, education, and protection while still managing to provide entertainment that will make guests happy is one of the things we are most proud of here in Orlando, and as you ride rides (Mako the hyper coaster is a popular one!) view the shows, including the orca encounter which educates and fascinates, and enjoy up close and personal animal encounters with a variety of species, it will soon be determined that as the changes have occurred, the underlying heart of SeaWorld still beats strong and true!

The Magic Kingdom, AKA Disney World

The Magic Kingdom has obviously earned its number one spot on our list of tourist attractions in Orlando, attracting millions of people over the 50 years it has been in existence, and to be perfectly honest, there is nothing we are going to say here that you probably don’t already know! Disney is the mecca of imagination, the home base of fun, and although we won’t say that your day at the happiest and most magical place on earth will be 100% perfection, we can say that it will be pretty darn close! Ride the rides you have heard about your entire life, including Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Dine at the Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland, snack on ice cream at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street or enjoy a family style meal at the Liberty Tree Tavern in Liberty Square. Watch the shows, meet your favorite characters, and shop ‘til you drop—The Magic Kingdom is a vacation experience unlike any other!

Carrying the Kids from the Car

At the end of these very long and exciting days, getting the kids to sleep will not be a problem! As a matter of fact, on most evenings you will be carrying the younger ones from the car to their comfortable beds inside our Tropical Villas Orlando vacation sanctuaries. Reserve one of our Orlando area vacation rentals today!

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