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Getting Around Orlando

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One of the most anxiety-inducing activities in most vacations is trying to get from place to place when you have never visited that area before. GPS can glitch, directions can be unclear, and finding your way through construction detours can be downright unnerving, but when you choose Tropical Villas Orlando for your vacation accommodations, we take the uncertainty out of even the most basic of activities. This guide to getting around Orlando will help you make it from Point A to Point B without the worries that often accompany travels in new places!


The Sunrail service is the newest transportation system in Orlando, offering 16 stops throughout Orlando and the surrounding areas. Costing approximately $2 to $4 for each ride, (depending on whether you are riding it to another county) it is relatively easy to navigate, taking you to Disney and many major attractions in Orlando, but it does not go to and from the airport. Tickets can be purchased at all the stops along its route.


The Orlando Bus service, known as Lynx, hasn’t always been the easiest service to utilize, but as Orlando transportation begins to offer more ways to get around, their bus service has begun to improve. Costing less than any other transportation service, ($2) you can ride the Lynx to Disney and the other major amusement parks, but it will take longer and may involve some transfers which could be confusing.

Ride Share

As you might expect, ride share has made it to Orlando, making it the easiest way to get from place to place, albeit not the least expensive! If you have never used ride share services before, they are the easiest of all services to navigate, and once you have downloaded the apps, can be used pretty much anywhere in the nation. Many ride share services offer discounts for first-time use, so your Orlando vacation would be a great time to take advantage of the discount. Once downloaded, all you need to do is type in the address of where you want to go, choose your type of ride, and wait for Shelly, Carlos, or whomever is the driver to show up at your doorstep and transport you to your desired location!

Choose Tropical Villas Orlando

However you choose to get around Orlando, finding your way back to your Tropical Villas Orlando vacation sanctuary will be the highlight of your day. Reserve your favorite property today!

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