The Four Most Important Vacation Rental Amenities to Make Your Rental Property Stand Out

When guests are looking for their ideal rental, they’re basically drawn to everything they don’t have at their own home. Rest assured, you’re already at an advantage; the stack of bills and piles of unfolded laundry people are looking to avoid aren’t present at your vacation rental. Nonetheless, there are some specific vacation rental amenities that guests veer towards which you should consider making a priority, especially when it comes to marketing your vacation rental. This list of four of the top features is based on our vast experience in property management. We hope that you’ll take this list and apply it to your own rental. The results speak for themselves!

An Instagram-Worthy Kitchen

Although guests cooking isn’t always high on the vacation to-do list, we all know that a kitchen is the heart of the home and where people gather. In fact, many of our guests prefer a vacation rental to a hotel because of the kitchen; make it worthy! Lucky for you, updating a kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank; you can have fun here by simply painting the cabinets a bold color or adding fancy knobs. You want your guests to look at it and think, “I want to hang out here.” And then of course there are some splurges that are always worth the cost, like a top-notch coffee maker and fancy glasses for cocktail hour.

A Great Security System

Traveling can be stressful, yet the whole point of a vacation is to relax. There are some simple measures you can take to ease the minds of your guests. To start, install smart locks. Guests will love having the option for an easy check-in, whether they arrive late and don’t want the hassle of getting the key, or simply prefer a contactless check-in experience. Putting your guests at ease and providing peace of mind that their belongings are safe while they experience everything your location has to offer is a sure way to make your rental property stand out.

A Little Comfort Goes a Long Way

There are some features that guests love no matter where they find themselves. A fireplace may seem out of place in a summer beach home but trust us: guests love the idea of cozying up under a soft blanket when the sun goes down, especially after a long day of adventuring at amusement parks or playing in the ocean. Having access to a hot tub is another great option for how to make your vacation rental stand out. But even if these things aren’t possible, every rental should have an oversized TV with high-speed streaming capabilities. While all of this is not necessary for a standard full-time home, they are practically necessary vacation rental amenities.  Little touches of comfort and luxury put your rental ahead of the competition.

Maximize Your Strengths

Every property has different strengths when it comes to vacation rental amenities, but whatever they are, maximize them! If you’ve got a nice outdoor space, find a way to make it more inviting with twinkly lights and beautiful perennials (steer clear of seasonal botanicals and opt instead for green shrubbery that will stay vibrant every season). Aim for low-maintenance pavers (not grass) so that your space looks fresh and clean with minimal effort. Showcase destinations that are close your rental, such as attractions, coffee shops, and ocean views. You can make your vacation rental stand out by simply amplifying its natural beauty and inviting guests to relax and enjoy all your property has to offer.

Whatever your property looks like, Tropical Villas Orlando can help you maximize its value and potential. Let us help get your rental property to stand out and get booked. Contact us today to learn more!