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Solo Trip to Orlando

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Life is often more about the journey than the destination, and as you enter each stage of your life, the journeys take on a shinier feel. From the one that leads you through childhood and schooling to the first steps you take as an adult in the real world to journeys of marriage and children, each journey adds another layer to your life story. The hardest journey, however, can be the ones you take on your own, exploring new places, dining in restaurants as a party of one, and sleeping alone in bed each night, but this difficult one can be the one that builds you up the most, helping you become all that you can be! And because the best journeys are the ones in which the roads you take lead to Orlando, we at Tropical Villas Orlando would like to take a few minutes from your very busy day to give you a sneak peek into the most exciting, comfortable, and illuminating solo trip to Orlando that you will ever take.

Spoil Yourself

How can you really know who you are if you don’t know all the ways to make yourself feel better? A visit to Woodhouse Spa, located at 7513 W Sand Lake Road, is destined to be the perfect way to get to know yourself the best, offering a variety of spa packages that will spoil. Our favorite, the Complete Transformation package, involves a day of relaxation with stone massage, HydraFacial, and hand and feet luxury retreats that will make you feel like you are floating on air when you walk out at the end of the service!

The Journey to Health

In our life’s journeys, the road to health and wellness is often one we choose to skip, taking shortcuts that involve less exercise and bad food, but in these solo moments of your Orlando getaway, a simple walk in the morning can be the best way to find your way back to you. A hike along the Shingle Creek Regional Trail can change your world and is one of the best things to do solo in Orlando. This 3-mile path is loved by hikers and bikers, taking visitors along the shores of Shingle Creek and providing a serene glimpse into the natural side of Orlando and as you hike, listen to the little voice inside your heart that says stop here, take a picture here, and hold this memory close forever!

Table for One

The hardest part of a solo journey can often be that moment when the hostess of the restaurant down the street from your Tropical Villas Orlando sanctuary asks, “How many in your party?” Sitcoms have devoted entire episodes to the anxiety asking for a table for one brings, but we have faith in you, especially knowing the delicious rewards that lie ahead! Make reservations for one at The Strand, 807 N Mills Avenue, and don’t be shy, order a table full of food. (Your hike at Shingle Creek will help keep your pants fitting nicely!) Devour wasabi eggs as an appetizer, explore their surf or turf options for the main meal, and if you don’t have enough room for dessert, order our signature state dessert (key lime chiffon pie) to go! Wash all this goodness down with your favorite wine, and if you start to feel uncomfortable on your own, the Kindle on your phone helps keep your interest.

No Limits on What You Can Do on a Solo Trip to Orlando!

You may think we are ignoring the big mouse in the room, but you don’t know us very well yet! Of course, your solo trip to Orlando should involve a trip to the theme parks that make up a large part of our Orlando landscape! Disney World, Universal Studios, even Gatorland opens its doors to traveling parties of ALL sizes and as you ride the rides you like not having to worry if they are too much or not enough for your normal traveling companions, you may find yourself imagining the possibilities of exploring Disney all over the world by yourself! These parks aren’t just for kids anymore, and they are definitely not just for traveling groups of two or more, so go ahead and buy your tickets for an adventure that reignites the magic of your imagination!

Hello, You!

The best moments of your solo journey may be the ones spent relishing the peace, comfort, and luxury of our Tropical Villas Orlando vacation escapes! Watch the shows you love on state-of-the-art televisions, read as many chapters of the book you brought with all the lights on until the wee hours of the morning, and take a nap on a Tuesday afternoon on comfortable couches that will mold to your body perfectly. Your solo adventures in our Florida sanctuaries are going to be ones you wish could last forever, but since they can’t, it is never too soon to start planning NEXT year’s solo journey. Reserve your favorite escape today!

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