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Arts and Culture Journey to Orlando

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Although we are the theme park capital of the world, Orlando offers a whole world of adventures, including many you can enjoy without having to step foot inside a park. Tropical Villas Orlando understands that just as every traveler is different, they also have their own unique ideas as to what constitutes the dream vacation, and when you choose us for your sanctuary, you also get to enjoy our guides to the different activities you can participate in during your stay! This guide to an Orlando arts and culture journey that you will wish never had to end.

Day 1: An Evening at Home

On your first night in Orlando, chances are you will be too tired to do much more than explore your vacation digs, unpack, and maybe enjoy a light dinner. Travel is hard, and the comforts of your Tropical Villas Orlando escape will make you feel welcomed and relaxed, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego arts or culture upon your arrival. Turn on the Smart television and find a musical playing, utilize our high-speed internet to listen to your favorite classical music station, or turn off all the electronics, revel in the silence, and lose yourself in that classic novel you have been dying to read. Your outdoor adventures will begin in full force tomorrow, but tonight is just for recharging your batteries!

Day 2: Orlando Museum of Art

Get your walking shoes on and prepare for a deep dive into the art world with a visit to the Orlando Museum of Art, located at 2416 N Mills Avenue. About to celebrate its 100th birthday in 2024, this prestigious establishment is filled to the rafters with some of the most important and beautiful art created by artists known and unknown. Closed on Mondays and major holidays, spending some of your vacation within the walls of the Orlando Museum of Art will be the best way to begin your cultural adventures with fun art activities in Orlando!

Day 3: Orlando Ballet

The ballet season runs from September through May, so summer visitors won’t be able to view a show, but the performances are so amazing, it may give you the encouragement to book a return trip later on down the road. Every season offers something new and something traditional, and if you are visiting during the Christmas season, we think you know what we mean. The Orlando Ballet’s rendition of The Nutcracker is something worth seeing again and again, but of course, every performance of every show will make you feel the same!

Day 4: Orlando Repertory Theater

Adults aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a bit of culture during their Florida adventures, especially since the Orlando Repertory Theater is the only professional theater in the nation that features programs designed for the younger audiences. Offering a talented take on Disney musicals, special events, and a variety of programs geared towards your tiny travelers, this theater will help introduce a love of live theater for your favorite tiny humans!

Day 5: Orlando Philharmonic

Featuring the third oldest continual operating Bach Festivals in the nation, the Orlando Philharmonic never fails to impress! Located at 425 N Bumby Avenue and also offering a children’s series that will help parents continue introducing their kiddos to the beauty of Orlando arts and culture, including Children’s Storytime Series and Young People Concerts, their regular season runs from October through May. They also offer Summer Serenades, a summer concert series that will enhance the beauty of your summer vacation and ensure that you get a taste of the Philharmonic even though their regular season has concluded.

Day 6: Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Can you really consider it a successful arts and culture journey if you don’t take in a Shakespeare performance? Fortunately, it isn’t a question that needs to be answered during your escape to Orlando, as our Shakespeare Theater is one of the best in the nation! Located at 812 E Rollins Street, Orlando Shakes gave its first performance in 1989 and has been a local tradition ever since. Watch some of your favorite plays, including The Comedy of Errors, take in a children’s play, (We love igniting an interest in the classics!) or watch some new takes on old favorites (In 2024, Becoming Othello: A Black Girl’s Journey is predicted to be a sold-out event!) and put it out of your mind that tomorrow is your last day in Florida.

Day 7: Parting Is Such, Well, You Know!

As you pack away your clothes (and souvenirs!) the last notes of the concert you enjoyed at the Philharmonic still lingering in your soul, you may already be planning on a return visit. Orlando has a way of burrowing into visitors hearts, as do our Tropical Villas Orlando seasonal sanctuaries. We can’t help you extend your stay, but we can leave the door open for your return. Book your next Orlando getaway today and reserve your favorite Tropical Villas Orlando haven when you do!

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