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Adventure Seekers Journey to Orlando

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Everyone has at least one in their family. The one person who can’t sit still and just read, the one who is always on the go, seeking what the world has to offer and never backing down from a challenge. They are the ones who want to travel where they have never been, that look at a new sport as something they NEED to try, and have never said no to a bite of a food that they have never heard of before. For those adventure seekers in your life, (perhaps it is you!) your upcoming journey to Orlando and stay in one of our Tropical Villas Orlando luxurious abodes will be filled with all the comforts of home and fun activities in Orlando that will certainly thrill every person in your traveling party, but especially those who seek adventure around every corner!

Day 1: Tired and Hungry

Some adventures are more wearing than others, and the trip to Orlando could definitely be classified as such! But after you have explored the amenities in your vacation villa, chosen the room to call your own, and perhaps taken a shower to wash off the griminess of travel, your stomach is sure to make its need for fuel known. This is a good time to try a new food (The adventure seeker is already asking, when is there NOT a good time to eat new dishes?) and Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine, offering two locations in Orlando, (7600 Dr. Phillips Boulevard and 6900 Tavistock Lakes Boulevard) might be the start of a new obsession! Open for lunch and dinner, the Turkish cuisine served here won’t be totally foreign, as the menu is filled with items you have probably tried and enjoyed more than a few times in your life, including humus, Turkish pizza, and a shrimp sauté you are destined to crave.

Day 2: A Different Kind of Theme Park

While everyone has dreamed of Disney or Universal Studios, the adventurer in your life craves an extra bit of excitement, perhaps the type found at Gator Land, 1451 S Orange Blossom Trail! This theme park/nature preserve offers rides, just like every other theme park, but it is the opportunity to zipline over crocodile and gator marshes (do they look a little hungry to you? They look hungry to us, for sure!) and the chance to feed the gators at night that will keep that gleeful smile on your family adventure seeker for the duration of your Orlando adventures.

Day 3: Airboat Rides

The airboat is a distinctly Florida invention, offering flat bottoms that allow guides to maneuver through the shallow and swampy waters of the Everglades, and Wild Florida Airboats and Gator Park will bring you Orlando adventures you will never forget! Located a little outside of Orlando in Kenansville, this wild adventure includes airboat rides, a drive through safari park, and a chance to meet Guy, one of the cutest sloths you will ever run across.

Day 4: A Little Rage Never Hurt Anybody!

On day four, families often find themselves experiencing a little irritability, as too much togetherness can be just as annoying as too little, but that’s ok, because your fourth day adventure will involve a visit to Bigfoot Axe Throwers and Rage Room, located at 3262 Vineland Road #107 in Kissimmee! Axe throwing is better than darts but has a similar point as you aim for the bullseye to get more points. The Rage Room is where the fun really starts, as you choose between a variety of packages and a wonderful variety of things to smash! No one leaves Bigfoot without a smile on their face and a peacefulness in their soul, as all the anger is harnessed and released with a big sledgehammer in hand!

Day 5: Revolution Adventures

Just the name alone is guaranteed to get your heart beating a little faster, and when you discover that the adventures in Revolution Adventures (located at 4000 FL-33 in nearby Clermont) involve ATVs AND the amphibious Mucky Duck, well, your day just keeps on getting better! Also offering a private lake and the opportunity to rent Sea-Doos and Can Am Maverick Buggies, the hours you spend with Revolution Adventures are sure to be your favorite!

Day 6: Nona Adventure Park

A day at the lake has just taken on new levels of excitement, thanks to Nona Adventure Park. Located at 14086 Centerline Drive in Orlando, and offering an American Ninja-style inflatable obstacle course to conquer plus Tot Town so even your littlest of travelers can enjoy a safe and fun activities in Orlando on the lake, this adventure promises to help with the tan you have been working on in between activities!

Day 7: Farewell for Now

The only thing worse than all the miles you had to travel to get here is facing those same miles on the way back, so a big breakfast at Orange Valley Café, 2849 S Orange Avenue #310, is the perfect way to help harness the sadness. But it is only farewell for now, not goodbye, because once Orlando burrows its way into your heart, you know you will be back for more adventures! Reserve your next stay with Tropical Villas Orlando today!

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