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Top 5 Local Shops to Visit

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There are three things we love most about vacations, and they are, in no particular order: the eating, the exploring, and the shopping! What other time in your life are you basically given free reign of the credit card and able to enjoy entire days of wandering in and out of shops, buying everything that appeals to you whether you need it or not? Christmas shopping is always about someone else, but vacation shopping doesn’t have to be about anyone but you. This guide to our top five local-only shops, the ones you won’t find anywhere else in the world, will ensure that the bags you lightly packed in anticipation of the best shopping in Orlando!

Rock & Roll Heaven, 1814 N Orange Avenue

Vinyl is hot again, and this funky shop housed in a non-descript strip mall will help you build up your collection! Did you know that brand-new record players and stereo systems can be purchased just about anywhere today? The music that emitted from the records we listened to on repeat in our youth offered a special sound that today’s technology has edited out and we just aren’t taking it anymore! So if you are like us and love the vinyl, Rock & Roll Heaven has a huge selection of new and used vinyl, whimsical gifts, and offers a step back into your glory days as you browse through the albums of your youth.

Kissimmee Valley Farmers Market, 201 Lakeview Drive

First Friday is when the Kissimmee Valley Farmers Market opens for business, giving residents and visitors a taste of the valley they will not be able to find anywhere else! Stock up on produce and baked goods to fill the larders and refrigerators of your Tropical Villas Orlando vacation escape, explore the exquisite talents of local artists and craftsmen and women who are offering up their masterpieces for sale, and take a few moments to appreciate the simpler things in life. With music playing softly, the sound of excited chatter and the delicious smells of food trucks wafting through the market, your time spent at the best stores in Orlando will be one of your favorite memories.

Dear Jane, 329 N Park Avenue #105 in Winter Park

When it is time to venture away from the theme parks and in the direction of other local fun places, Winter Park’s historic downtown area is a shoppers’ mecca! Located just 7 miles outside of Orlando, Dear Jane is a charming shop filled with women’s clothing, accessories, body supplies, and gifts that will be loved by whoever is the recipient—including you, if you are sticking to your guns and only buying gifts for yourself. There is, however, an adorable pet section offering all the cutest accessories for your most loyal of companions; we can’t get over how cute the Starbarks dog dish that features its own Frenchy staring up inquisitively at you from the bottom of the bowl!

Miscellaneous, 1903 N Orange Avenue

Gift shops are our favorite places to shop, and Miscellaneous is a delightful little shop located in the heart of Orlando. Pick yourself up a pink Boss Lady cardholder, a handmade leather purse, or some goat milk soap that smells delightful and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple after use. Find a little gift for your pet sitter—that wonderful lady that does more than just walk your sweet pet, she loves her too; a scented candle would be a great thank you! Spend some time shopping in here and you will be sure to come out on the other end with your arms loaded with bags.

Downtown Divas, 2724 E Colonial Drive

There is no better way to celebrate your inner diva than with a visit to Downtown Divas! Offering clothing, shoes, and all the little things that help keep you feeling girly, you will be the star of every room you walk into when you are wearing something you purchased at this elegant shop. Pick up a pair of studded booties to go along with that cut out halter jumpsuit you simply can not live without or fall in love with the pink lounge set that isn’t just cute and warm but looks amazing in almost any social situation! No matter what you find in Downtown Divas you are bound to be complimented by everyone who sees you wear it.

Drop the Bags Here!

Shopping can be tiring, especially as you walk from store to store, adding to the load of heavy bags that are cutting into your arms, but when you come home to Tropical Villas Orlando, you can drop your bags, kick off your shoes, and relax in comfort and style for however long you need.  Reserve one of our vacation rentals in Orlando today!

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