Valentine’s Day is always exciting for couples and those who are looking to elevate the holiday this year will find it’s a simple thing to do when you set your sights on Orlando! The following are just a few romantic activities in Orlando you’ll want to enjoy when you book your romantic getaway here.

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Get a New and Romantic View of Your Surroundings

Couples making their way to Orlando over Valentine’s Day who are looking to see things from a new perspective together are sure to find a hot air balloon or helicopter ride endlessly romantic! The year-round good weather in central Florida means options for these adventures are readily available for adventurers in February. Companies like Painted Horizons Hot Air Balloon Tours are great local options for booking reservations for hot air balloon rides while you’re in town. Most rides are early morning adventures and some even include a Champagne toast when you return to the earth once more! Those who are looking to include a helicopter tour of the city on their Valentine’s Day itinerary will love booking companies where tours depart directly from the city’s iconic International Drive! International Heli-Tours and Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours North are just a few of the many options to consider when you’re making your Valentine’s Day plans.

Take A Romantic Ride Around The Wheel

Another route to relishing romantic sights together while you’re in Orlando over Valentine’s Day is to book a ride for two around The Wheel at ICON Park. This stunning Ferris Wheel takes vistas to new heights and provides couples with a unique way to create memories together. The Wheel rises 400 feet into the sky and those who book a ride in the evening hours will get the added benefit of a colorful sunset and starry sky to follow included in the experience. Booking a private capsule is the way to go for the most romantic take on the trip. Private capsules can also be reserved to include Champagne along the way. Booking early is recommended as this is a popular option during this most romantic time of year.

Tour Disney in a New Way

If the thought of visiting Disney theme parks doesn’t sound extra romantic, making the most of the Disney Skyliner and ferry boats might just change your mind! The Disney Skyliner is made up of multiple gondolas that run between parks and resorts. The advantage of using these gondolas as a romantic excursion is that you can take in the magical views from above at your own, leisurely pace. These elevated routes are even more enchanting at night and can be linked up with ferry boat tours on the ground. This is perhaps a more adult-focused way to relish the theme parks without leaving romance out of the equation.

Savor Time at Lake Eola Park

When Valentine’s Day in Orlando sees you and the one you love most spending quality time together downtown, making time for a romantic stop at Lake Eola Park is always a good idea. This beautiful and historic park dates back to 1888 and today, continues to provide locals and visitors alike with an oasis of green space in the center of a vibrant downtown district. From the signature fountain to the swan boats you can peddle in tandem, Lake Eola Park is filled with opportunities to embrace romantic moments of all kinds. Consider a stroll hand-in-hand, or enjoy a picnic followed by an outdoor movie!

Let the Harry P. Leu Gardens Set the Romantic Scene

When immersing yourself in the beauty of nature inspires romantic vibes, time at the Harry P. Leu Gardens is sure to be well-spent. This 50-acre botanical garden showcases amazing statues, beautiful water features, and a collection of floral gardens that highlight blooms from around the world! A stroll across the gardens promises to be unforgettable and there are plenty of flower-surrounded benches to settle into when you’re looking to cozy up and enjoy the view.

Take a Couple’s Bike Ride Together

For the couple that loves to cycle together, a ride along the West Orange Trail is always a delight. Known and loved as Orlando’s premier bike path, this route can be followed to Plant Street Station which gets cyclists close to Winter Garden. This area comes with romance included thanks to the moss-covered oaks along this specific portion of the trail. Build in time to unwind, relax, and enjoy each other’s company before heading back!

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